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Cat & Dog Dental Cleaning Chandler & Gilbert - Dog Teeth Cleaning

Are you searching for “dog dental cleaning” or “cat dental cleaning” in Gilbert or Chandler, Arizona? If so, Chandler Gilbert Animal Hospital can help! We provide (pet) cat and dog teeth cleaning services near you.

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Pet Dental Cleaning Is Important To Your Pet’s Health


At our Chandler Gilbert Animal Hospital, your cat’s or dog’s dental cleaning includes:

  • Consultation: Complete consultation and oral exam done by one of our Veterinary Dental Specialists.
  • Testing: We test all organ function and other pre-anesthetic blood work prior to anesthesia and identify any risks or abnormalities.
  • Monitoring: Electronic Monitoring, IV fluids and General Anesthesia – We are highly trained and experienced in pet anesthesia. You cat or dog’s anesthesia will be individualized to meet your pet’s needs and your pet will be monitored throughout the entire process.
  • Dental X-rays (Digital): Digital x-rays or radio-graphs let us get a closer look of your pet’s mouth and helps to identify fractured teeth, periodontal disease or oral cancer. These problems would not  be visible without digital radio-graphs or X-rays.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Thorough, teeth polishing and teeth cleaning (prophy)
  • Paperwork: Copies of EKG, Dental X-rays and anesthetic charts.
  • Comfort: The comfort of knowing your pet is receiving critical dental cleanings that can save you money down the road and prevent future dental disease for you pet.

How Often Should My Pet Receive Teeth Cleaning?

Experts recommend getting your pet’s teeth cleaned professionally every 6 months – 1 year depending on your breed of dog. If you are taking great care of your cat’s or dog’s teeth already, you may only have to take your pet every other year. However, always discuss your options with a vet before taking any serious action.

If your pet is starting to have really bad breath, it’s probably time to bring them in for a dental exam. Other reasons to schedule dental cleaning include difficulty eating, seeing blood on chews or bleeding gums.

Pet (Cat & Dog) Dental Exams

Most pets should receive a dental exam at least once a year. This dental exam includes, subgingival and supragingival cleaning, polishing, intraoral evaluation and further periodontal therapy. Pet dental cleanings at Chandler Gilbert Animal Hospital involves removal of calculus and plaque, either with sonic/ultrasonic instruments listed above, hand instruments or gingival margin, intra-oral radio-graphs, periodontal probing, charting and more treatments such as extractions if needed or deep periodontal therapy.

Dental Treatment Options & Take Home Instructions

After the oral examination is complete, the initial treatment plan is set. The veterinarian will discuss different options and then the client will be able to decide of the dental treatment plan that best suits their pet. Next, the patient(pet) is anesthetized and the periodontal therapy begins. After the therapy is complete, you will be given take home instructions for caring for your pet from home.

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5 Star Review: “We are regulars here with our dog, Maya! Dr. Wales is wonderful to her. Our dog is a friendly dog but when she goes to the vet, she has a lot of anxiety. Dr. Wales took her time, even after hours, to help Maya feel safe and secure with her. I even called Dr. Wales the Dog Whisperer. She offered to even have Maya come in for not an appointment but just visit and relax so she isn’t always thinking it’s a place for immunizations and such. We’ve never had any vet be so devoted to Maya or other dog in the past. We highly recommend Chandler Gilbert Animal Hospital and Dr. Wales!” Randall O.

To schedule your cat or dog dental cleaning in Chandler, give us a call today at (480) 895-5650. If you would like to schedule pet dental cleaning in Gilbert, click here.


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Are you searching for “dog dental cleaning” or “cat dental cleaning” in Gilbert or Chandler, Arizona? If so, Chandler Gilbert Animal Hospital can help! We provide (pet) cat and dog teeth cleaning services near you.

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